Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine

Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine


UT-CLB has number of applications useful in follwoing industries:

1. Signage companies: Our AT-130 Channel Letter Bending Machine is essential for creating custom channel letter signs for businesses, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.

2. Advertising agencies: These machine can be used to create eye-catching and impactful outdoor advertising and promotional signage for your vaulable clients.

3. Retailers: Retailers can use this machine to create customized signage for their storefronts, helping to attract customers and increase brand visibility.

4. Construction companies: Channel letter signages are often used in construction projects, and having a bending machine on-site can streamline the process of creating signage for buildings and developments.

5. Event organizers: Channel letter bending machines can be used to create customized and branded signage for events, trade shows, and conferences, helping to promote the event and improve attendee experience.

6. Interior designers: These machines can be used to create customized interior signage for offices, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial spaces, adding a professional and polished touch to the décor.

Additional Accessories

UT-CLB has many additional features like:





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Model Description

UT-CLB, is our top-selling Channel Letter Bending machine, which is our specialized piece of equipment used in the signage industry for creating customized channel letters, which are commonly seen on storefronts and other commercial buildings. CNC Aluminum Bending Machine is made with high quality of motor, user- friendly & sophisticated controller. UT-130 is the best choice for people who want to do Channel Letter Bending for Channel Aluminum & Flat Aluminum, into the desired shape and size for each letter. It typically features automated controls and a variety of bending tools to efficiently produce letters in various fonts and styles. UT-130 is always enhancing the versatility and functionality of the signage. These machines are essential for sign makers and fabricators looking to produce high-quality, professional-grade channel letters for their respectable clients.