Founded by Mr. Mitesh Purohit, armed with a background in Mechatronics Engineering steeped in German Engineering principles, and Mr. Sumit Gupta, boasting extensive expertise in Sales/Marketing, Umpire Technologies is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Our focus lies in delivering cutting-edge technology through a premium range of CNC machinery & Laser machinery. Furthermore, our extensive experience, along with a strong network of distributors, suppliers, and a loyal client base, stands testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering top-quality products. Our dedicated team, comprising over 120 professionals, is complemented by well-trained professionals, industry expertise, specialized R&D teams committed to advancing CNC machine development.

Concurrently, our rigorous QC team ensures stringent quality control. With a robust network of more than 18 after-sales service centers spread across India, we offer roundthe- clock online and offline support to our esteemed customers.

Our ethos revolves around continual improvement. We tirelessly strive to enhance our offerings, providing customers with superior machines supported by technical expertise and unparalleled after-sales services. Our commitment to competitive pricing, uncompromising quality, and consistent support underscores our promise to our valued customers.

Tailored solutions for every material and industry

  • We offer a diverse range of CNC and Laser machines designed to cater to a multitude of materials and applications.
  • Our Laser machines are gateways to innovation that seamlessly transition from industrial-scale manufacturing to intricate artistic designs.
  • Our systems are engineered to deliver exceptional results across a spectrum of tasks like cutting through tough metals or etching precise details.
  • From metals to plastics, wood to ceramics, our array of Laser machines is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of various materials.
  • Our machinery helps in engraving of a wide array of products like automotive parts, delicate jewellery, architectural models, boards, and signage.
  • Umpire Technologies is your go-to solution for availing products that are tailored to suit your specific needs! Connect with us today.


Our Laser engravers provide the ability to engrave and precisely cut an array of materials including wood, acrylic, metal, stone, glass, leather, paper, textiles, and plastic. Our range of Laser engraving machines caters to diverse applications, in the products sector, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, or for personalized use. Our Laser engraving produces an abrasion-resistant and permanent engraving that also allows high-quality personalization coupled with an engraving that is palpable to touch. Also, our Laser machines enable customers to process on glass, metal and wood among other materials.



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Cutting-Edge Technological Advancements

Remain at the forefront of technological innovation, consistently introducing and implementing the latest advancements in CNC and LASER machinery to redefine industry standards.

Continuous Innovation

Foster a culture of innovation that drives transformative solutions, pushing boundaries to develop next-generation machinery that surpasses current benchmarks.

Transformational Solutions

Strive to offer transformative solutions tailored to individual client needs, providing customized CNC and LASER machines that elevate productivity, precision, and efficiency across diverse industries.

Uncompromising Quality

Uphold commitment to premium quality across every aspect of our products and services, ensuring that excellence remains the hallmark of everything we offer.

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