Best Selling Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Best Selling Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine


UT-HFM is our FIBER LASER METAL CUTTING MACHINE, which encompasses a variety of applications:

1. Sheet metal processing: These machines are used for cutting and shaping sheet metal materials such as mild steel, stainless steel & aluminum for a variety of applications including HVAC components, signage, and architectural elements.

2. Metalworking and metal crafting: These machines are used by metalworking and metal crafting professionals for creating intricate and precise designs on metal materials for art, jewelry, and decorative elements.

3. Medical device manufacturing: These machines are used in the manufacturing of medical devices, including surgical instruments, implants, and medical equipment components, due to their ability to produce complex and precise metal parts.

4. Electronics and semiconductor industry: These machines are used for cutting and shaping metal components for electronics and semiconductor devices, including heat sinks, connectors, and shielding components.

5. Agricultural and construction equipment: Fiber laser metal cutting machines are employed in the agricultural and construction equipment industries for the production of metal parts and components used in agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and earth-moving vehicles.

Additional Accessories

UT-HFM is a well equipped FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE with numerous additional features:

1) High precision cutting: Our fiber laser cutting machine utilizes advanced technology to ensure high precision cutting for various metal materials.

2) Fast cutting speed: The machine operates at a high cutting speed, enabling efficient production and quick turnaround times.

3) Low maintenance: The fiber laser technology requires minimal maintenance, reducing the overall operating costs and downtime.

4) Versatile cutting capabilities: Our machine can cut a wide range of metal materials with different thicknesses, offering flexibility in production.

5) User-friendly interface: UT-HFM is equipped with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate and program for different cutting tasks.

6) Energy-efficient: The fiber laser technology is known for its energy efficiency, reducing overall energy consumption and operating costs.

7) Safety features: Our cutting machine is equipped with safety features to ensure the protection of operators and efficient production processes.

Model Description

UT-HFM is our Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, which is a high-precision tool designed for cutting a wide range of metals like Mild/Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Titanium, Gold, Silver. The machine uses a fiber laser beam to cut through metals with extreme accuracy and speed, making it ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

The machine features a high-power fiber laser source, which provides strong and consistent cutting performance. It also utilizes advanced laser cutting technology to deliver clean and smooth edges, making it suitable for precision-cutting intricate designs and patterns. UT-HFM is equipped with a user-friendly interface and intuitive control system, allowing operators to easily program and adjust cutting parameters. It is also designed for maximum efficiency and productivity, with a rapid cutting speed and low maintenance requirements.

With its robust construction and high-quality components, UT-HFM is built to withstand heavy-duty operation and deliver reliable performance over time.