CNC Pattern Making Machine

CNC Pattern Making Machine


UT-MARG CNC machine is commonly used in woodworking, foundries, prototyping, and manufacturing sectors. These machines cater to applications such as furniture making, architectural moldings, automotive parts prototyping, and casting pattern production.

1)Casting mold industry: It can be used for the precision production of various cast wood moulds for various automobiles, ships, aviation, trains, etc. And it can also be used for research and development and production of automotive interior decoration and exhibition decoration materials.

2)Casting and sculpture industry: Processing and engraving of various casting process products, lost foam, exhibition decoration materials, and GRG decoration materials. 3)Building decoration industry: Processing and production of building decoration materials such as GRG and GRC.

Additional Accessories

UT-MARG, our Pattern Making CNC machine has various features:

1) Adopting original cross-beam triangle balanced guide rail structure and Z-axis balance auxiliary device, it can ensure fast and stable processing of multi-curved surfaces.

2) It adopts Taiwan’s integrated operating system, which is easy to operate and powerful, and has online simulation and online monitoring functions to ensure safe and efficient processing.

3) Processing size can be customized according to processing needs. And whose Z-axis travel can be up to 1.2 meters and this machine can be upgraded to a 5 axis CNC machine.

4) Adopting automatic oil lubrication system, it is easier to operate and maintain the machine during the processing.

5) Adopting the high-power servo drive system in conjunction with the top accessories such as the Italian spindle to make the equipment stable and durable.

6) Intelligent processing cross-border protection function can prevent mechanical collision caused by excessive design file processing.

7) Diversified control can separately control the processing speed, idling speed, and cutting speed, which greatly improves the quality and processing efficiency of processed products.

8) With the functions of continuous break point carving, power recovery, processing time prediction, it can be handy regardless of vigorous cutting or fine carving.

9) Extremely humanized design combined with ergonomic design makes your operation easier. Regardless of whether the operation panel is highly designed or modularized, it is to make you have a better user experience.

Model Description

UT-MARG CNC machine, usually comes with a big working dimension for carving and cutting large-size workpieces of wood, aluminum, and styrofoam. It can also be equipped with an ATC spindle and a rotary device for complex, heavy-duty, and long-term work. It is widely used to process and carve wood and styrofoam automotive, ship or other molds, and GRG or GRC decorations, and architecture models