CNC Router Side Rotary Axis

CNC Router Side Rotary Axis


UT-SHARK-SR with LATHE functions expands the application industries such as furniture manufacturing with wooden hand rails, designer wood carved chair legs, well crafted wooden artifacts in round or square shaped, 3D Wooden Statues or Artifacts & many more…

Additional Accessories


1) UT-SHARK-SR with LATHE function capability, to enhance its functionality & versatility. The addition of a Rotary-Axis in our UT-SHARK-SR allows the user to perform lathe & carving operations, enabling cylindrical or curved workpieces to be machined with ease. This accessory significantly expands the design possibilities & adds a new dimension to he machine’s capabilities.

2) UT-SHARK-SR can be customised in any size as per customer requirements.

3) Dust Collection System ensuring a clean & safe working environment by efficiently capturing the dust or debris generated during the machining process.

4) UT-SHARK-SR CNC ROUTER also has additional feature named as Vacuum Table – This feature is used for holding material/workpieces during machining, being cut & engraved. UT-SHARK CNC can be customised with a perforated table top containing a vacuum chamber, and a vacuum pump to hold the workpiece during machining.

Model Description

UT-SHARK-SR is Rotary Axis CNC Router machine with LATHE & CARVING function on cylindrical & or cruved workpieces, which expands the design possibilities & adds a new dimension to our machine capabilities. UT-SHARK-SR has four feeding axes (X, Y, Z, and A), it can realize 3-axis linkage processing. The CNC Rotary Axis-A can process 3-dimensional engraving on cylinders, square rods, wood sticks, etc. Woodworking 3D wave board processing, milling, cutting, and engraving of cabinet doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, screens, craft windows, and other furniture products. UT-SHARK-SIDE ROTARY is CNC router can engrave and carve various reliefs, hollow-out engraving, and other molds. This CNC router is good at cutting and processing advertising signs, PVC boards, expansion boards, two-color boards, logos, acrylic letters, crystal boards, and lightboxes. It can also engrave various exquisite patterns and texts on wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, two-color board, crystal, and other materials.