Customised Stone CNC Router Engraving Machine

Customised Stone CNC Router Engraving Machine


UT-SHILP series is a customized STONE CNC Machine which can be specially designed as per customer requirement for Cutting, Carving & Engraving on STONE, GRANITE, MARBLE & other non-metal materials. UT-SHILP has various applications in the stone processing industry, producing a wide range of stone products, from countertops to decorative materials, to meet the needs of different sectors and customers. Stone Countertop Manufacturing Granite stone factory line is used for cutting and processing stone slabs to create high-quality stone countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. Stone Flooring and Wall Tile Marble stone assembly line is used to cut and process stone slabs to manufacture floor tiles, wall tiles, and other interior decorative materials. Stone Sculpting Quartz slab production line can be used for engraving and sculpting stone to create various art pieces, textures, and decorative designs. Stone CNC Projects  Quartz countertop stone cutting production line can meet the requirements of large-scale stone projects, such as countertops, fireplaces, columns, and more in hotels, commercial buildings, and residential developments.

Additional Accessories

UT-SHILP is indeed a state-of-the-art machine with various features like:

1) UT-SHILP can be equipped with working table with vacuum cups.

2) ATC-Automatic Tool Changer:- It allows for the seamless switching of cutting tools during the machining process, enabling the machine to perform multiple operations withour manual intervention.

3) Rotary Axis Attachment is used for carving intricate 3D designs on cylindrical stone pieces enabling multi-axis machining.

4) Customised Sizes available as per customer’s requirements.

5) Complete intelligent stone processing line: automatic loading, automatic typesetting, automatic knife setting, automatic stone cutting, and automatic unloading.

6) This 5 axis CNC granite bridge saw machine cutting line can realize X-Y-Z-A-C 5-axis linkage, which can rotate 0°-365° and tilt 90° for cutting in any direction and at any angle. Equipped with granite saw blade, the 5 axis CNC bridge saw can finish granite stone cutting, chamfering, polishing, grooving, drilling, arc grinding, etc. The granite slab and block cutting line can cut marble, granite, jade, bluestone, etc. So it has a wide application in hotels, construction industry, construction sites, etc

Model Description

UT-SHILP is a 5 axis CNC bridge saw is an advanced multifunctional cutting and shaping machine for the stone processing industry. It is a highly complex machine tool, we can use it to cut, shape and profile of quartz, marble, granite and other stone materials. The 5 axis bridge saw cutting head can swing 360°to cut the stone slabs. So that the 5 axis CNC stone bridge saw machine can perform complex cutting, beveling, curves and even 3D shaping of the stone material. It is an ideal choice for creating complex designs and shapes. At the same time, the 5 axis bridge saw platform can flip 85°, making loading and unloading convenient and labor-saving. Therefore, 5 axis CNC bridge saws gains popularity in the fabrication of kitchen countertops, dressing tables, architectural elements, etc. Additionally, we support 5 axis CNC bridge saw customization to realize your stone cutting designs and projects.