Decoiler Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Decoiler Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine


UT- DECOILER machine is often used in manufacturing and fabrication industries for producing a wide range of metal parts and components, including automotive components, electronic parts, and various metal products. It offers a high level of automation and can handle large volumes of metal processing, making it an essential tool for modern metalworking operations. Overall, the decoiler laser cutting machine is a versatile and efficient solution for precision metal cutting and fabrication processes.

Additional Accessories

UT-DECOILER allowing users to have many advanced features such as:

1.Following intelligent lifting and frog jumping makes the machine more flexible and faster

2.Fast dynamic response

3.High control accuracy

4.Fast follow speed

5.Z axis has fast follow speed and has high precision

6.Professional customized AWENTIC proportional valve, pressure ≤1.2MP & solenoid valve, pressure≤3MP

7.High precision of air pressure control, good stability, and saves more energy

8.Sensitivity: 0.2kPa, linearity remains within ± 1%

9.Simple gas switching, fast speed and high precision

Model Description

UT-DECOILER is our piece of industrial equipment used for cutting metal sheets and coils with precision and efficiency. The machine consists of a decoiler, which unrolls the metal coil, and a laser cutting system, which uses a high-powered laser to cut through the metal with extreme accuracy.

The decoiler allows for smooth and continuous feeding of the metal into the cutting system, ensuring consistent and uniform cutting. The laser cutting system utilizes advanced technology to cut through various types of metals, such as steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, with minimal heat-affected zones and excellent edge quality.