Fastest CO2 1325 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine

Fastest CO2 1325 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine


“UT-SPARK” Co2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine is large format/large sizes such as 1325/1530 which is used to ENGRAVE/CUT many different materials like Acrylic, MDF, Wood, Bamboo, Gypsum board, Plywood, Paper, Leather, Ceramic Tile, Granite/Marble/Jade Stone, Crystal, Fabric/Cloth/Textile, Jeans, Plexiglass, Epoxy Resin, Foam, Wool, Ivory, Plastic, Rubber, Chemical Fiber Cloth, Leather, PVC, PVB, PBS, Chipboard, Cardboard, Carbon Fibers, Neoprene, Acrylamide board, Fiberboard, Polyvinyl chloride board, Polyester felt and many other non-metallic materials.

1.Wood-Working & Furniture Industry CO2 Laser Engraving & Cutting machine can laser cut or engrave on wood. For example, the CO2 laser machine can laser cut wood designs, laser cut wood panels, laser cut wood door panels, laser cut cabinet door panels, etc.

2.Advertising Industry Our machine can laser engrave or laser cut acrylic signs, acrylic tablet, laser cut acrylic hangings, acrylic photo frame, acrylic lights, acrylic nameplate, etc.

3.Garment Industry Our machine widely used to laser engrave or laser cut leather, laser cut jeans, laser cut cotton, laser cut textiles, laser cut synthetic fiber, laser cut polyester, laser cut nylon, laser cut satin, etc.

4.Decoration Industry Umpire’s Co2 Laser machine is used to make plywood lights, foam molds, laser cut glass, laser cut paper decorations, laser cut MDF designs, laser cut plastic board, laser cut rubber ornaments, etc.

5. Arts & Crafts Industry We provide Laser Machine to laser engrave or laser cut wooden picture frame, laser cut plywood toys, laser cut ivory, laser cut window grills, laser engrave models, laser engrave mural, etc.

Additional Accessories

“UT-SPARK” with large working area has features such as:

1) Its cross beam uses high-strength lightweight metal, which has small resonance and operate more smoothly.

2) The high precision linear guide transmission ensures more steady cutting operations, thus maintaining high cutting precision and good stability.

3) The newly upgraded laser head has stable and powerful laser beam, which ensures rapid cutting speed and good precision. You can also choose automatic focusing laser head, which can adjust the distance between the laser head and the focus automatically.

4) Its mechanical transmission powered with heavy duty motors gives rapid speed with elasticity. It can move steadily with small noise and can mitigate the impact and vibration.

5) High-quality laser is able to generate stable power output. It has extra long service hours and protection measures.

Model Description

UT-G series Co2 is a Co2 Laser Engraving/ Marking machine, which is equipped with a Co2 Glass Laser Tube. Equipped with a hi-tech dynamic focusing scanning mirror and control card, this Laser Machine is excellent in the aspects of algorithm optimization, high speed of marking and cutting, and other powerful functions. It is specially designed for laser scanning with tiny light spots, a large working range and high strength in use. It’s compact construction, dust-proof, convenient and accurate installation, strong anti-jamming ability, etc.; ensures the stability of the system under long-hours working conditions.