Fastest CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Fastest CO2 Laser Marking Machine


UT-Co2-MARK can do permanent laser marking on many materials like: LEATHER, CLOTH, ACRYLIC, POLYESTER RESIN, WOOD, GLASS, PAPER, FOILS & FILMS, etc. Marking on some non metals like PVC, Paper ABS, etc.

Many applications like:
Bottle Marking
High quality gray scale marking
Wedding & Invitation Cards
Medical Packaging
Handicrafts & Gifts
Acrylic Marking
Leather & Eva Engraving

This machine is mainly used to mark letters, marking of numbers, barcodes, QR codes, patterns on non-metals like PVC, Paper, ABS, Wood, Bamboo, PBS, LEATHER, CLOTH, ACRYLIC, POLYESTER RESIN, WOOD, GLASS, PAPER, FOILS & FILMS, Ceramic, Rubber, etc. It has wide applications in food, drugs, electronic elements, IC, electrical appliance, communication, packaging, construction materials, PVC pipes, leather, clothing, chemical materials and many other industries.

Additional Accessories

UT-Co2-MARK is using imported RF CO2 Laser Generator to stabilize the output of laser power. Robust industrial design to prevent the laser light leaking and hence make it more safe for the operator. No consumables, low processing cost, the service life of the laser is very great working hours (depending upon the working operation).

Clear, high speed ,high precision and controlled engraving
High speed scanning galvanometer for optimum performance
Embedded operating system and good interface to provide best solutions for
a wide range of marking applications
ALL digital technology and mark up to 450 characters per second (stationary
marking speed)
High speed marking (MHz repetition rate) & First and last pulse equally useable

Model Description

UT-CO2-MARK Laser Marking machine adopting CO2 Laser source to mark or leave permanent marks on most non-metal materials. A CO2 Laser marker has stable laser output and good laser beam quality, ensuring fast marking speed and good marking effect. With simple operation, no consumables and low energy consumption, the CO2 laser marking machine can fully meet the continuous work demands.