Most Popular/Famous CNC Router Machine

Most Popular/Famous CNC Router Machine


UT-SHARK has a range of applications like 2D Cutting or 3D Carving/3D Engraving on Solid Wood, Plyboard, MDF, Korean sheet, Acrylic, ACP cutting & many more. Used in industries like FURNITURE making, Signage/Advertising, ARTS/CRAFTS manufacturing, ACP Elevation, etc. UT-SHARK have wide applications in the following industries: Advertising/Signage, Arts/Crafts, Artworks, Molding , Electronics, Construction, Printing and packaging, Decoration, etc. The most common purpose of this series CNC is to make panel furniture. For example, cabinets, cabinet doors, doors, office desks, etc.

Additional Accessories

UT-SHARK is a versatile & most popular CNC Router machine which has many additional features like:

1) UT-SHARK can be customized in any size as per the customer requirements. For Example: 4’x10′ ; 4’x12′ ; 5’x 10′, 5’x12′ ; 6′ x 16′ or any customized size as per customer’s requirements.

2) NOTE: Machine Image with “CNC ROUTER with PRESSURE ROLLERS” – UT-SHARK can be specifically equipped with Pressure Rollers to secure and hold down sheets of material during the cutting or carving process. The pressure rollers provide increased stability and precision, allowing for intricate and detailed cutting and carving operations. UT-SHARK CNC with Pressure Rollers is typically adjustable to accommodate different thicknesses of material, allowing for a secure hold on a wide range of sheet materials such as POLYCARBONATE, ABS SHEETS, ACP Sheets, Wood, Plastic, Composite materials, etc.

3) UT-SHARK CNC ROUTER also has additional feature named as Vacuum Table – This feature is used for holding material/workpieces during machining, being cut & engraved. UT-SHARK CNC can be customised with a perforated table top containing a vacuum chamber, and a vacuum pump to hold the workpiece during machining.

Model Description

UT-SHARK Series CNC router is most popular & most famous CNC Router machine, which is used for 2D Cutting & 3D Carving/Engraving on various materials like WOOD, HDHMR, MDF, Korean sheet, PVC, ACP, ACRYLIC, FOAM, etc. It is available in 4’x10′ ; 4’x12′ ; 5’x 10′, 5’x12′ ; 6′ x 16′ or any customised size as per customer’s requirements.