Multi-head CNC Router Machine

Multi-head CNC Router Machine


UT-SHARK-H is a multi-head CNC router which helps the user to meet their needs of mass production, especially when carving/engraving the same patterns on a wooden board. The number of spindles can be customized based on the user’s demands. All spindles can work at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency. It is good at mass production of wood wave boards, cabinet doors, 3D wooden doors, screens, etc. UT-SHARK-H, multi-spindle CNC Router machine is widely used in many industries such as wooden furniture, doors or cabinets, signage/advertisement, foam materials, ARTS & Crafts, etc

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Additional Accessories

UT-SHARK-H is an enhanced CNC Router machine with a feature of mass-production. It has many additional features like:

1) UT-SHARK-H can be customised in any size as per customer’s requirement.

2) Single Mounting of Multiple Spindle option is available.

3) Individual Mounting of Multiple Spindles option is also available in UT-SHARK-H.

4) UT-SHARK-H MULTI HEAD CNC ROUTER also has additional feature named as Vacuum Table – This feature is used for holding material/workpieces during machining, being cut & engraved. UT-SHARK CNC can be customised with a perforated table top containing a vacuum chamber, and a vacuum pump to hold the workpiece during machining.

5) Dust Collection System ensuring a clean & safe working environment by efficiently capturing the dust or debris generated during the machining process.

6) UT-SHARK-H, CNC with Pressure Rollers is typically adjustable to accommodate different thicknesses of material, allowing for a secure hold on a wide range of sheet materials such as POLYCARBONATE, ABS SHEETS, ACP Sheets, Wood, Plastic, Composite materials, etc.

Model Description

UT-SHARK-H is a multi spindle CNC Router machine which can perform mulitple CUTTING or ENGRAVING operations at the same time, which helps user to optimize production time & increasing output, which has advantages in high-volume production. UT-SHARK-H is also very helpful for users with small product sizes and large processing volumes. It can be customised with 2 or more spindles mounted on one head or independent heads. When processing the same pattern on a board, multiple spindles can process at the same time. It greatly improves the processing speed of the board. One multi head CNC router can complete the work of multiple CNC routers at once, which greatly improves the production efficiency. The production cost can be controlled reasonably and effectively. Therefore, with the advantages of fast processing speed, good consistency, low cost, high production efficiency, and diversified processing methods, UT-SHARK-H; multi head CNC Router is definitely your ideal choice.