Precision/Compact Laser Cutting Machine

Precision/Compact Laser Cutting Machine


UT-6060 is perfect solution for cuttings small metal components with unmatched precision & accuracy, & can be used in industries such as jewelry, electronics, medical devices, and other microfabrication.

Additional Accessories

UT-6060 has many features:

• The main body of the equipment has good overall rigidity and high strength. The base is made of high grade frame, and the beam is made of extruded aluminum profiles. It has good acceleration performance and effectively prevents structural deformation

• Equips with high quality Laser Source, Anti high reflective metal, could well cut metals such as Brass, Silver,Gold,Aluminium…no chance about damage to laser source and service life

• Professional Taiwan lead screw provides high precision transmission system

• High rigidity Third Aviation Aluminum Gantry, provides the gantry strength and rigidity and it is much lighter

• Finite element analysis of gantry help to achieve the best critical

Model Description

UT-6060 is our Precise Laser Cutting Machine, which is specifically designed for small components, offering unmatched accuracy and precision. Using advanced laser technology, it is capable of cutting through a variety of materials with extreme precision, allowing for intricate patterns and small, detailed cuts with unparalleled accuracy.