RF Metal Tube High Speed Laser Engraver Machine

RF Metal Tube High Speed Laser Engraver Machine


“UT-MAGNUS” is a high-speed LASER ENGRAVER mostly used for engraving on Acrylic, Plastic, Plank, ABS, Wood, Plywood, Bamboo, Paper, Organic glass, MDF, PVC, Rubber, Density board, Cloth,Leather, Derma, Corfam, Textile, Chemical leather, etc.

Additional Accessories

UT-MAGNUS is a well crafted Co2 Laser Machine equipped with RF Co2 Metal Laser Tube. Features of UT-MAGNUS:

1. Super Strong Fully Enclosed Machine Body

2. 2100mm/s engraving speed

3. Powerful and Steady up/down system

4.Dustproof guide rails

5.Autofocus system

6.High quality laser tube provides the strong beam and long service life with lifetime over 20000 hours.

7.Laser type: Co2 Laser RF Metal Tube

Model Description

UT-MAGNUS is specially designed with RF Co2 Metal Laser Tube of well known brands, UT-MAGNUS is widely used for ENGRAVING on all non-metal materials, with high-speed & precision. Equipped with specially designed motion system which delivers superb engraving quality. Pass-through front & rear doors to accomodate long work pieces.