UV Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine


UT-UV-MARK is a UV laser marking machine which is used in a wide range of applications across various industries due to their ability to produce high-quality, precise, and permanent marks on different materials. Some common applications of our UV laser marking machine include:

1. Electronics industry: It is used to mark barcodes, serial numbers, and other identification codes on electronic components, circuit boards, and semiconductor devices.

2. Medical device manufacturing: It is used to mark medical devices and instruments with regulatory information, manufacturing dates, and serial numbers for traceability and quality control.

3. Automotive industry: It is used to mark automotive parts, such as engine components, gears, and bearings, with part numbers, manufacturer logos, and other identification marks.

4. Aerospace industry: It is used to mark aerospace components, such as aircraft parts and avionics, with part numbers, serial numbers, and other identifying information for tracking and quality assurance purposes.

5. Tool and mold making: It is used to mark metal molds, cutting tools, and other industrial tools with logos, part numbers, and other identifying information for tracking and quality control.

6. Jewelry and watchmaking: It is used to engrave logos, designs, and serial numbers on precious metals, gemstones, and luxury watches for branding and authentication purposes.

7. Packaging and labeling: It is used to mark packaging materials, such as plastic, glass, and cardboard, with expiration dates, batch numbers, and other product information for compliance and tracking purposes.

8. Medical and pharmaceutical packaging: It is used to mark medical and pharmaceutical packaging with lot numbers, barcodes, and other regulatory information for traceability and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Overall, the flexibility and precision of our UT-UV-MARK machines, makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in industries where high-quality and permanent marking is required.

Additional Accessories

UT-UV-MARK has a number of additional features namely,

1. High precision marking: UV laser marking machines have excellent beam quality and focus spot, allowing for extremely precise marking on a wide range of materials.

2. Non-contact marking: UV laser marking does not require direct contact with the material being marked, avoiding any potential damage or distortion to the surface.

3. Fast marking speed: UV laser marking machines can achieve high-speed marking, making them suitable for high-volume production environments.

4. Marking on sensitive materials: UV laser marking is suitable for marking on sensitive materials such as plastics, glass, and certain metals, as it produces minimal heat-affected zones and does not cause surface damage.

5. Compatibility with a variety of materials: UV laser marking machines can mark on a wide range of materials including plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, and semiconductors.

6. Permanent marking: UV laser marking produces high-contrast, permanent marks that are resistant to fading, smudging, or wear over time.

7. Compact and portable design: Many UV laser marking machines are designed to be compact and portable, making them easy to move and integrate into different production environments.

8. Easy to use and maintain: UV laser marking machines are often equipped with user-friendly interfaces and require minimal maintenance, making them suitable for a wide range of users.

9. Integration with production lines: UV laser marking machines can be easily integrated into automated production lines, providing seamless marking solutions for industrial applications.

Model Description

UT-UV-MARK series UV laser marking has a process of engraving or marking surfaces using a high-powered ultraviolet laser. This machine consists of a high-powered laser beam that is focused and directed onto the surface of the material to be marked. The UV wavelength allows for precise and accurate marking without causing thermal damage to the material. The UV laser marking process can be used to create high-contrast markings on the surface of the material, including text, logos, serial numbers, and barcodes. It is a fast and efficient method of marking, with the ability to produce high-quality and permanent marks on a variety of materials. Overall, our UT-UV-MARK laser marking is a versatile and effective method for creating permanent, high-contrast markings on a wide range of materials, making it a valuable tool for industrial manufacturing and product labeling.