Mini CNC Router Machine

Mini CNC Router Machine


UT-STAR Mini CNC Router has a wide range of applicable industries such as:

1. Woodworking: used for carving, cutting, and engraving wood to create intricate designs, furniture components, and decorative items.

2. PCB Prototyping: used for creating printed circuit boards (PCBs) by drilling holes and milling precise traces for electronic components.

3. Sign Making: utilized in creating customized signs, logos, and lettering from materials such as wood, plastic, and foam.

4. Jewelry Making: used to carve intricate patterns and designs on metal, plastic, and wax for creating jewelry pieces and molds.

5. Model Making: used to create detailed models and prototypes of products, architectural designs, and mechanical components.

6. Engraving: used for engraving designs, patterns, and text on various materials such as metal, glass, plastic, and stone.

7. Educational Purposes: used in educational settings to teach students about computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) processes.

8. Small-Scale Production: used by small businesses and hobbyists to produce custom-made products such as crafts, ornaments, and small parts.

9. Foam Cutting: used to cut and shape foam materials for packaging, insulation, and artistic purposes.

10. Art and Craft Projects: utilized by artists and craftsmen to create intricate designs, sculptures, and decorative pieces from various materials.

Additional Accessories

UT-STAR Mini CNC Router has many different work sizes available, which are: 900mmx600mm; 1300mmx900mm; & maximum up to 1300mm x 1300mm.. UT-STAR Mini CNC Router can be manufactured with many additional features such as:

A) Dust Collection System- to keep the work area clean.

B) Rotary Axis- Some Mini CNC Routers have the capability to add a rotary axis, allowing for multi-axis machining & the ability to create cylindrical or curved parts.

C) Coolant System: Some mini CNC come with Water Chiller to ensure proper temperature control of the spindle & also to reduce the noise while working.

Model Description

UT-STAR Series CNC router is also called a small CNC router, desktop CNC router, home CNC router, Mini CNC router. Compared with other ordinary CNC router machines, this UT-STAR CNC machine has a relatively small size; mainly 600×900 mm and 1200×1200 mm. This type of small CNC machine has a compact structure and a small footprint. Therefore, it is easy to move and use. This type CNC is mostly used to complete various processing requirements on the small workpiece of users. Therefore, the UT-STAR CNC router is popular among woodworking enthusiasts and advertising industry. Its excellent precision enables it to be good at cutting and carving wood, acrylic, and plastic advertising signs, letters, logos, double-colored boards, and also guitar or other string music instruments


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